CyberAware Library (AACAM23)

Want to supercharge your organization's data protection efforts? Dive into our CyberAware Library, brimming with the know-how, tools, and resources you need to elevate your privacy and security resilience.

This resource library is tailored for data privacy and security professionals, compliance officers, IT managers, and anyone responsible for protecting sensitive data within their organization. It's also invaluable for business owners and executives who recognize the critical importance of data protection in an interconnected world.

Don't wait – the cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing, and preparedness is the key to resilience. Enroll now and fortify your organization's data protection practices.

Your data, your future, and your organization's security deserve nothing less!

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  • getting started
  • CyberAware Library Welcome
  • Articles
  • Fostering a Culture of Understanding
  • Favourite Sources for Cybersecurity News
  • Let's get SMART
  • Fostering Compliance & Culture
  • 10 Risks of Artificial Intelligence
  • Secure IT Infrastructure Mind Map
  • Risk Matrix
  • The Preparedness Triad
  • Home Internet & WiFi
  • Exploring Backups
  • awareness materials
  • Dark Data Case Study- Stadley Group
  • MFA Awareness
  • Ask for Help Infographic
  • Feedback Satisfaction Rating
  • 4 Tips for Workplace Security
  • Deepfakes
  • 2 Common Cyberattacks
  • Insider Threat Warning Signs Infographic
  • Checklists
  • Clean Desk Checklist
  • Breach Response Plan Checklist
  • Implementing MFA Checklist
  • Employee Feedback
  • Privacy by Design & Default
  • Physical Security Audit
  • Data Minimization
  • Patch Management Process
  • how-to guides
  • Privacy Officer Onboarding Plan
  • Access Control Coordination
  • Deepfake Risks & Mitigation Strategies
  • Risk Roulette Best Practices
  • How to Implement Continuous Monitoring for Compliance
  • Cyber Risk Management Tips
  • SSA Framework & Holistic Data Protection
  • Building a PrivSec Culture
  • Vision Building
  • Access Controls Guide
  • Communication Strategy for Cybersecurity Incidents
  • Electronic Media Sanitization
  • Assessing Cybersecurity with Your Outsourced IT Team
  • Templates
  • Privacy Program Update Email Template
  • Procedure for Authenticating a Requestor - Phone Call
  • 2024 Data Protection Calendar
  • 30 Day Data Protection Challenge
  • Keeping a Record of Ownership
  • Continuous Monitoring Employee FAQs
  • Employee Feedback
  • Corrective Action Plan
  • Vendor Assessment Form
  • Data Breach Incident Form
  • Legitimate Interest Assessment
  • training activities
  • Word Association Icebreaker
  • Hack the Office
  • Cybersecurity Awareness Quiz
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  • All units must be completed