Our Values

Building Resilience

Diversity –  We aim to increase the representation of difference at every level of the organization.

Equality –  We provide support to address individual and systemic biases, behavior policies, and practices to ensure that everyone has fair access to opportunities.

Inclusion – We help to build environments where people with different identities feel welcomed, valued, and a sense of belonging.

We understand first-hand!

The TLC Group of Companies was founded by female Bermudians of color that are passionate about humanity and sustainability alongside advanced technology. We believe that everyone has a voice and should be represented in professional and social environments. That's why Diversity & Inclusion is a key pillar of our organization, and our team is comprised of males and females representing countries and communities from around the world!

Another TLC Group pillar that we proudly embrace is Empowerment. We believe that if each of us chooses to empower others, we can impact that person, the world, and, ourselves. By improving the lives and mindset of individuals that you lead and/or engage with, the empowerment that you share becomes a reciprocated way of life.

Our suite of self-study courses are a timely, ideal, and easy-to-understand training solution that can be useful for impactful training at all levels across an organization or personal growth interests.

Prefer an in-person training solution? We can do virtual training via Zoom or in-person at a venue of your choice. Click the button below to discuss options to tailor training to your organization/industry and learn more about our other services.